Seven Ways To Support Healthy Eating Habits During The Holidays

Agree to keep tempting foods out of the house. Dont buy chips or ice cream if they are foods that are hard to control. As a support, garcinia cambogia side effects offer to cook or try new healthy recipes or be open to healthier options that are brought into the house. If you dine out often, try and choose restaurants that offer healthier options or have the least temptations. I find some restaurants much easier to make good choices in than others. Find ways that are non-food related to show that you care.
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Seasonal eating for your health in the winter

Chicken & vegetable soup

According to traditional Chinese medicine, eating warm weather cooling foods during the winter months can lead to sickness. Cold energy foods such as raw foods, salads, tofu, fruit juice and frozen drinks can tax the immune system since it will have to work overtime to warm the body instead of focusing on warding off sickness. Focus on eating more protein, cooked foods, and adding warming spices to your meals. Different parts of the country, and—crucial-data-released-231403591.html the world, can have vastly different produce available at different times of the year. Getting the most nourishment out of your food comes from eating whats in season wherever you are. In the winter, with the dropping temperatures, its the perfect time to reduce, or eliminate cooling fruits and smoothies, and instead, opt for traditional warming soups. An easy principle to keep in mind is that warming foods take longer to grow than cooling foods, which grow in the summertime.
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Healthy Holiday Eating

Teen injured in snow mobile accident

(2/4) Previous Next WTNH – MidStateMedical Center dieticians, Anne Young and KeriKemish, explain how to stay on track by eating and drinking healthier this holiday season. For more information, visit 50 children “Shop with a Cop” in Newington Updated: 3 hours ago Christmas is going to be a lot brighter for many underprivileged kids and their families thanks to a great event called “Shop with a Cop.” Non-profit food bank forced to close Updated: 3 hours ago A local food bank that provides warmth, food and counseling to thousands is being forced to close. And it appears it has no new place to set up shop, leaving many families wondering where their next meal will come from. Home could be torn down for new Sandy Hook school driveway Updated: 3 hours ago The town of Sandy Hook decided they want to put in a brand new driveway to make the new Sandy Hook Elementary completely different from the old one. Updated: 7 hours ago A local chef is being recognized by his peers as one of the best in the state.
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